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Help Give Huskies And Malamutes A Better Name

The PackĀ and I enjoyed being out at our local dog park this weekend. We have been going to this same park since Kaya was...


Sweet Emotion. What your Snow Dog feels.

Aerosmith knew they were onto a winner when they released Sweet Emotion. It's one of those songs that remind me of my time...

What gives a husky its ‘prey drive’?

Hi folks, Alex here, welcome to the second post in my behaviour and training series. In this article I'm going to explain what...

The Difference Between Huskies and Malamutes

Hi folks, Alex here, welcome to the new Snow Dog Guru training and behaviour series! For those of you who don't follow us...
Is My Husky Too Skinny?

Is My Husky Too Skinny? Tips & Advice

Our inbox is never short of husky owners asking the question "is my husky too skinny?" or "how can I get my husky to...
Husky Fur Brushed

Husky Shedding During Spring

Spring Shedding - in Huskies Huskies and Malamutes have beautiful coats that protect them from extremely cold environments. Their coat is made up of...

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