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The Power Of Love


This will guaranteed make your day! A wonderful page on Reddit has been made which allows proud owners of all species of animals to show just how much difference a loving home can make.

The page is called Before N After Adoption and thousands of owners have shared their sweet stories and heart-breaking photos to the page. Relinquished, abused or even left for dead pets display truly soul-shattering expressions, alongside an updated picture of their transformed smiles and wagging tails. The pages aim is to encourage rescuing and to prove just how much a little love can make such a huge difference.

Scroll down to find 12 of Snowdog Gurus favourite canine Before N Afters.

Zoe (chel_c_ham)


Siri (unnarspunk)

Iggy (gunnarspunk)

Pillow (Gniwa)


Jax (twinr0va)

Cali (CollegeRatInc)

Maxi (mexicanceiling)

Tali (palmtop_tiger)

Vincent & Angelo (Deserett)

Jackson (AUChris03)

There’s nothing like it, is there? We feel that, especially at this time of year, It is important that these types of stories and images are shared far and wide. We would like to remind anybody thinking of getting an animal this Christmas to ensure you’ve done your research and are committed to the pet till the end, and we definitely encourage adoption. Who knows – your story could be the next big hit on Before N After!

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