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Get behaviour and training advice from experts with huskies and malamutes.

Whether you’re looking for tips on toilet training your husky or prevent your malamute from pulling on their leash, you’ll find the answers here.

You’ll also find answers to more complicated problems such as how to train an aggressive husky or how to prevent them from escaping.

Husky Loose Leash

Teach Your Husky To Walk On The Leash

Dogs pulling on their leash is often misinterpreted as dominance based behaviour, when the truth of the matter is, it’s much more simple than that. Your dog just wants to explore the different smells and whatever might catch his eye. At this moment, these things are much more stimulating and interesting than you are.

The fearful husky

Offensive, Defensive, and Fearful Aggressive Huskies

Previously I talked about the three most common types of Dog Aggression; Dominant Aggressive, Territorial, and Predatory. In this article, I will discuss the different motivations for Offensively Aggressive, Defensively Aggressive, and Fearful Aggressive dogs and how to recognise your husky’s body language in each of these classifications of Aggressive Dog.

Photo of an aggressive husky looking fierce.

Guide To Dealing With An Aggressive Husky

Introduction Dealing with an aggressive husky can be a challenging and even frightening experience for dog owners. Huskies are known for their strong-willed and independent nature, and while they can be affectionate and loyal pets, they also have a reputation for being stubborn and occasionally aggressive. Addressing aggressive behaviour in huskies as soon as possible …

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