Feeding Kibble

Feeding Kibble
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Generally, the cheaper low quality foods are the foods that you can find at the grocery stores and department stores that have a pet section. You can also find cheap quality foods at large pet store chains.

Most large pet stores have a system for how they stock their shelves. Dog foods are often ranked. These cheaper foods are located in the first few food aisles closest to the front of the store because these items yield the highest profit margin for the store. They prefer that you buy these cheaper foods for your dog because it means higher profits for them. The higher quality expensive foods already cost a lot of money so profit mark ups on these items are quite slim for the store.

Some pet stores specialize in selling only holistic healthy foods. If you shop at one of these stores you are sure to find only good foods but you will still have to find a good Breed Appropriate food for your Snow Dog.

What Brand of Kibble To Feed

There is no obvious or easy answer to this question. The reason being is what food you are able to feed might depend on where you live. If you cannot find a certain food in your country then recommending it to you is pretty pointless. While the cost of some high quality foods within their country of origin make them a good candidate to feed, in another country, with the high added shipping costs, suddenly this food is just not feasible to feed.

Rather than suggesting a certain brand of food, I can give you, the savvy Snow Dog Owner, the tools to be able to find good foods that are local to your area.

By using the links to Dog Food Advisor and All About Dog Food, you can review all the kibble based dog foods available to you. Then it is up to you to look for good Snow Dog appropriate nutrition in these foods.

To choose a good food, look through the 4 and 5 star rated foods. These sites will give you a total nutritional breakdown of all the ingredients in the foods giving you a complete guide to help you choose a Breed Specific and nutritionally sound food for your Snow Dog.

A Master List Of 4 and 5 Star Dog Foods

A. Lists of 4 and 5 star rated dog foods for North America:


B. Starting at this page link, there are 9 pages of 4 and 5 star dog foods available in the UK and Europe listed in alphabetical order for you to choose from:

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  1. Dear sir i have two month old husky puppy.May i know what type of puppy biscuits brand shell i give my husky?What type of vegetables can i give him now.

  2. Hello Snow Guru,

    I really enjoyed the vast information and help you provide on your website. I looked over the lists that you provided for top dog food brands and wondered if you might have one that you particularly like. We have 3 dogs, including a 10 month old all white husky puppy. We have been feeding all of them pedigree (the puppy gets the puppy food), however, in reading your site, I don’t think this is the best for any of our dogs, most especially our husky puppy.

    I am not familiar with most of these brands so none of them ring any bells or help me in choosing something different. Or, is there something we can be adding to the food we are feeding to make it better for her, in conjunction with the pedigree.

    Any help you can provide would be great. I am so worried she will develop a zinc issue and want to try and avoid this at all issues.

    Thanks for your help in advance.

  3. Can you please suggest some foods! I will order them online if I have to… I really don’t think I have time to do raw food unless I just HAVE to. But I can’t take seeing my sweet pup’s tummy upset over this food and changing it all of the time! I’m looking them up on dog food advisor but they all seem to have something in them that you say is not good. Yesterday I bought something called “Core Wellness grain free puppy formula” it’s very expensive, not cheap dog food!! His stomach is really upset. I know I have to give it a few days (not sure exactly how long) for him to get use to the change but he has gas very very bad and he barely ate supper so I think his stomach must be hurting him pretty bad. Someone recommended Orejin which I cannot find in any stores. Would be willing to order it and try it. Do you know anything about this food?? Or any suggestions? Please help!

    • My puppy 11wks got loose stools frythe Wellness Core Puppy too. Also from Nulo Puppy Chicken Puppy kibble. I decided to stay with Victor Nutra Pro ( the Samoyed breeder uses) until he gets housetrained. The breeder also liked Sportsdog kibble. He does well on the Victor — firm, regular . I used to fed Orijens & Natures Variety Instinct but am waiting for more info about the high toxic heavy metal levels and whether Clean Label Project is reliable or just fear mongers. It makes sense though that with all the environmental contamination a diet based mainly on fish will have a higher concentration of heavy metals especially as a long term consequence.

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