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Margit Maxwell asked 5 years ago

Angela Psoinos-Rombalski asks this question:  Hi Guru! How about some advice please. We are on our 3rd husky, they are no strangers to us and we love them. This one has presented a bit of a challenge we are not sure how to deal with….separation anxiety! Ah we have heard its common in huskies but have not experienced it. He is 14 months old, usually always somebody home but to put him in his kennel/dog run he howls and cries continually, if we step outside the gate of front yard he cries, if we take out the trash he cries. We have heard that huskies are better in pairs, and considering a second dog. Will this one just howl and cry and teach a new one to do the same? How can we help him get over it? We are very active, he gets 2-3 long walks a day, hikes and trips to dog park often. He goes everyplace we can go with him. He is not bored!

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Margit Maxwell answered 5 years ago

First you have to determine if you have a dog who has separation anxiety or he just does not like being left alone. In true separation anxiety, the dog is only comforted by the sight of the owner. Adding other people or dogs does not give this dog any comfort nor alleviate any of his stress.
 If the dog just does not like to be alone, then for these dogs adding a dog sitter or another dog might help to eliminate the anxiety around being left alone.
Here is an article filled with ideas about how you possibly fix this situation.