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Xilonen91 asked 8 months ago

I have an 11 week old puppy, and when I take her outside- she lunges towards the neighbor’s yard. He has 3 dogs and my puppy is so desperate tp get to them, she doesnt listen when I call her or ask her to leave them alone. She has now taken to DIGGING at the fence desperatley. Her vet said she cant be in contact w/ other dogs until she is four months old. I dont even know if his dogs are vaccinated, and he doesnt acknowledge my existence, so I can’t even bring it up in conversation! What can I do? (I’m worried about the digging!)

Also, I am having a hard time with my puppy, teaching her to not jump me, and to not bite me. She only does this to me and not my husband. What am I doing wrong? Help!

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Paul answered 8 months ago

Hello, it’s normal for her to want to play with other dogs. Is she on a leash when you’re taking her out?

My advice regarding the digging would be to only allow her outside whilst supervised. This will prevent her potentially getting in to the neighbours yard. Especially as his dogs might not even be friendly, or as you say vaccinated.

As for the biting, she’s only 11 weeks old and this is typical. Almost all puppies with mouth owners and although it can be a nuisance, it can be easily remedied with training.

We have a great article that should help you with the biting:

Xilonen91 answered 8 months ago

Hi, Paul. At first I let her outside off leash, since my entire backyard is fenced. I assume she goes near them because she is curious and looking for a new adventure. She had not explored that side of the yard prior. I now let her out with an extended leash, but I know this is only a temporary solution.

Thank you so much for the feedback and article!