Behaviour issues with young husky

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dangelique717 asked 4 years ago

i just found out my new husky puppy kody wasnt supposed to leave home for another 2 weeks. i have 2 very young children and im worried about behavior issues in the future.  im gonna call the guy i purchased the lil guy from and ask if mom is still on sight. if she is should i send him back till he is ready or will this just cause confussion for him. please help. im desperate on what to do.

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Chantelle Goddard answered 4 years ago

Firstly how old is your puppy and how long have you had him?
His mum should teach him appropriate social skills and his littermates will help him learn bite inhibition, but if the breeder was happy to let him go this early….doesn’t say much about the breeder or their dog care.
He needs a good dog to teach him how good dogs behave, do you have any family or neighbours with a dog that your dog could hang out with?
 The more your dog socialises with dogs the more he will be able to learn from them.  Puppy classes or even try taking him to daycare (you could explain the situation and ask to stay with him as he’s a pup).