Can dogs become immune to certain forms of zinc?

QuestionsCategory: Food and DietCan dogs become immune to certain forms of zinc?
ShelbyandNori asked 4 years ago

I have a 10 month old husky that my family adopted from the shelter about 2 months ago. She was having trouble with her appetite and was having some severely loose stools. I found your articles and started her on a zinc gluconate supplement. After about 3 weeks and no change whatsoever, we switched to a zinc citrate capsule (30mg 2x a day). She started improving almost immediately. Stools were normal, appetite was good, and we were excited. Just this past weekend, despite getting her zinc, her stools have gotten increasingly looser. Her appetite is still the same, she’s acting normally, and drinking. I’m just wondering if her system can develop a tolerance to different forms of zinc?

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Paul answered 4 years ago

Hey, dogs don’t become immune to zinc but I have personally found that if I give my dog too much zinc it can have the opposite effect. I would maybe try 15mg twice a day for a while. 
Also bear in mind that huskies aren’t big eaters, some are particularly fussy and it can take some getting used to, especially if you’ve owned other breeds before.