How can I train my dog to stop bitting our guests?

QuestionsCategory: EmergencyHow can I train my dog to stop bitting our guests?
dmkreshek asked 4 years ago

Our dog is almost two, and she has been nipping at our guests when they enter our home, when they walk around, and more seriously when they reach down to the ground to pick up a fallen item.  She bit a young girl (did not break the skin) when she reached for her napkin that fell under the table.  Last night she bit an adult friend when a knife fell in the kitchen and we had to take her to Urgent care.  She was punctured in 6 spots.  Occasionally she will nip at people she knows as well. We are very concerned about this aggression, how do we train her out of her bitting?

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Chantelle Goddard answered 4 years ago

At age 2 this is quite a serious problem. Has your dog always done this? And if a recent development, do you know what caused it? How is your dog with people when you’re out walking? Does your dog pace or settle when guests are over?
If it’s recent then something must have triggered this in the first place. You need to desensitise your dog to visitors in your home, basically make visitors a good thing. Use treats, etc to teach your dog that people coming over are good.
I would also make sure that before having guests over that your dog is well vented first and has plenty of exercise. It’s very hard to give advice without knowing more details!