How do I get my husky to stop chewing everything?

QuestionsCategory: TrainingHow do I get my husky to stop chewing everything?
Emilee asked 4 years ago

Riot is 13 month old and we have been trying to get him to stop chewing up everything. He mostly goes after soft things like clothes, tissues, and dryer sheets. Lately though, he has been jumping up and grabbing anything he can get. He recently chewed up my glasses that were resting on a chair arm (he did not eat any part of them). He has lots of toys and we have been trying to teach him not to do this and to put everything out of reach but he somehow finds it. How can we train him to stop doing this?

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Margit Maxwell answered 4 years ago

At this age dogs push a lot of boundaries. It sounds like at the moment he really does not respect things enough to leave them alone. I would suggest a multi faceted approach. First do not give him the run of the whole house that way you can better supervise his chewing activities. Then I would suggest that you umbilical your dog for an an hour a day to help create a better relationship bond with you. Lastly, I don’t know how much regular vigorous exercise your dog is getting but he may need more. A tired husky tends to be too tired to be destructive. 

Margit Maxwell answered 4 years ago

here is the link to the article on umbilical

Emilee answered 4 years ago

I had a feeling it was him trying to push boundaries or him being bored. We try to keep him in the back room, which is where we spend most of our time. We will defiantly give him more attention though and try out the umbilical leash. Thank you!