How long do huskies live?

QuestionsCategory: HealthHow long do huskies live?
huskylover asked 5 years ago

Hey guys,
I’m wondering if any of you know how long huskies generally live?
Does diet have much effect on the lifespan? If so, what diet is your husky on?
How old is your husky?

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Margit Maxwell answered 5 years ago

The average life span for most huskies seems to be between 10 to 13 years. A great diet and lots of healthy exercise keeps your husky happy and healthy. We will be discussing the different options you have available to you when it comes to feeding your husky so make sure you read our daily blog our offerings. I personally feed my huskies a combination of a very high quality kibble diet ( Orijen) and raw diet ( ground, bone and ofal in). Though the Husky Herd is still quite young, looking after their health and nutrition needs means they get the best possible chance to live a long and healthy life.

JamieSimmerman answered 4 years ago

We’ve had three huskies live to 12, 15, and 17. 🙂

Shane answered 2 years ago

Our beloved husky, Sky, a purebred grey with sky blue eyes flew over the rainbow bridge 2 years ago at the wonderful age of 18 1/14. At age 17 1/2 I still couldn’t catch him in the back yard if he wasn’t ready to come in. His buddy, our Samoyed, Freska, passed about 7 years before him at age 19 1/2. The snow dogs are old natural breeds that humans have not messed with too much – hope it stays that way. On the right food with lots of exercise and lots of luck they can live longer lives same as their relatives, wolves can. Sky and Freska at real food – the meat was cooked – this originally started with a collie I rescued that was already in renal failure (kidney) at age 5 – according to the vet from eating poor food between the 5 owners she had had before me. She was a wonderful intelligent dog – the vet gave me a choice – use this recipe I can give you for renal disease and she will probably live a few more years, or keep giving any kind of kibble and she will be dead in a few months at the young age of 5. I started cooking and Lady, the Collie lived 3 1/2 more years to age 8 1/2. At the same time we had Freska, our young Samoyed so we also gave her cooked food – ingredients that we would eat. It was quite easy as I would make it the same time I was cooking for us – and would make a week or a months worth at a time and freeze in containers or zip lock bags. The vet’s recipes included brown rice, cooked egg, hamburger or chicken, a few vegetables and calcium and fish oil supplement – and other things we could add from our own meals. Years ago After I moved from Montreal to Vancouver, I called the same vet specialist/internist in Montreal and asked if they were still good recipes for my then aging samoyed and husky. he said he didn’t recomend those recipes anymore. and referred me to a recipe book and supplement by Hilary Watson of completeandbalanced(.com) – brackets so their ad doesn’t pop up. She also makes a recipe book and supplement specifically for renal/kidney disease for vets to give clients. She also makes a recipe book and supplement for cats. She doesn’t recommend raw and goes into great scientific detail in her books as to why not. The regular recipe book has a wealth of dog nutrition information and about 100 recipes for dogs of all ages, pups, and dogs with specific health issues – all of the recipes must be used with the accompanying powdered supplement of minerals and vitamins – all must be ordered through your vet. She was also quite helpful about replying to email questions when I was needing to keep weight on Sky and freska in their elderly years. I think her email address is on her website. Snowdog guru is an excellent blog for snowdog owners 🙂 I have a 6 year old samoyed girl named Shiloh, that I adopted 2 years ago from a breeder – Shiloh had trouble with her first litter and needed an emergency c-section to deliver the last 5 pups of her litter of 15 and was spayed same time (I had no idea they could have that many pups!). So the breeder sold this lovely girl to me <3 She did have the challenge of getting sudden glaucoma 2 years ago just after I got her and was misdiagnosed and ended up blind in that eye – only dogs go blind within 24-30 hours if they dog get the correct medication for glaucoma. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an article on dogs and glaucoma on this excellent snowdog guru blog – know the signs and immediately rush to a vet that has the specialized eye pressure gage(only way to properly diagnose). Hoping Shiloh and all dogs have wonderful long lives like our Sky and Freska <3

Shane answered 2 years ago
  • To clairify re the main dog recipe book i mentioned above – it is not just for dogs with health issues – there are 100 recipes, most are for healthy adult dogs, some for pups, some for overweight dogs, and some are for dogs with specific illnesses. The author told me to use the recipe for dogs with cancer when Sky was getting close to 18 – he didn’t have cancer but she said the cancer recipe was also good for keeping weight on an elderly dog 🙂
OrionsDad answered 11 months ago

My purebred Siberian Husky Orion passed away last year at just over 17 years old. He never had any illnesses or health issues his entire life. He simply grew old and became weak. His rear legs started to fail him on his lasts days and then he lost control of his bowels. At that point I put my boy to rest but he was a strong pup and my best friend for half of my life.

sford1950 answered 6 months ago

We adopted a Siberian Husky a lillte over a year ago and we love him dearly. i am experienced with other dogs, primarily retrievers. i have questions about his body language and behavior. When he goes outside, we have a large backyard,

he makes the rounds of the yard and finally ends up laying in front of our sliding patio doors , he is facing outward, ears up. i am not sure what this means, he us very similar when comes up on our bed, he faces the door coming in. After we settle in for the evening in bed , he leaves and sleeps in the living room, not sure what is means either.

Over Thanksgiving we observed strange behavior, we have small grandchildren in size and age, 2 yrs old, he is physically taller, when the grandchildren approached us he growled, he was laying down , tail down, ears back. He for sure is submissive, but is the growl out of fear or insecurity, both ?