How often to bath my dog?

QuestionsCategory: GroomingHow often to bath my dog?
Enes24 asked 8 months ago

I have a 3 month old siberian husky, I gave my siberian husky a bath earlier this month (march) and i have been walking him A LOT this month and can i give him another bath because he kinda smells. Im worried its going to ruin his coat. Also another question, what is the maximum number of times I should be bathing my dog?

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Paul answered 8 months ago

Hello, your husky doesn’t really need to be bathed as their coats are pretty much self maintaining. You just need to ensure you groom him.

At 3 months old his coat won’t take much grooming, but it’s a good idea to groom him gently anyway to get him used to being groomed.

We have an article on grooming:

He shouldn’t smell. Huskies don’t tend to have the usual dog smell.