How to get my 4 month old husky to stop growling?

QuestionsCategory: TrainingHow to get my 4 month old husky to stop growling?
ms.szilvia.szollosi asked 1 year ago

Hi there. We recently got a husky puppy with my partner. We\’ve had him for 2 months now. Training him was fairly easy and he\’s a very smart puppy, but about a month ago he started to show some behaviour problems which have progressed to aggressive growling and snapping if he doesn\’t get his way. I want to stop this behaviour now at his young age before it becomes an even bigger problem when he\’s older. Usually the growling would happen when myself or my partner would attempt to pick him up, or take away something from him that he shouldn\’t be chewing on. When he chews on something we would approach with one of his toys for a trade but he\’s not interested. For the picking up and handling, it would be in situations where we want to help him get into the car for example, or get up on the bed as it\’s quiet high and he can\’t jump up by himself yet. Or even put the harness on him as he hates it so we have to pick him up to be able to put it on him. I understand that huskies are very independent breeds and they like their own space, but we do have to handle him at times, and would like to know how to train him for him to know that\’s it\’s OK to be handled at certain times without him having to growl and show aggression.  Even when he\’s all calm and relaxed, one time I went to sit on the couch when he was chewing away on one of his toys, and I didn\’t even acknowledge him or show him in any way that I would touch him or his toy, and before I even had the chance to sit down he growled at me. It concerns me as he\’s going to be a big dog and I want to have a healthy relationship with him as well as teaching him to be well behaved and not to have this problem escalate any further as he gets older. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time! 🙂