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PredatorAmateur asked 4 years ago

Hi there, I’m about to get myself a dog and I’d love to have a husky. The problem is I live in a 70m2 apartment. I’m planning to ride a bike with my dog to get the energy out of him, but is that enough and can he stand the heat reaching 35 degrees Celsius in the summer?

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Paul answered 4 years ago

No dog would do particularly well in 35 degree heat. On days like this, it is best to keep dogs out of the heat and take them for walks/runs once it has cooled down. 
Huskies do need a lot of attention and exercise. Many believe an apartment isn’t right for a husky, but I am of the firm belief that an apartment is just fine. However, exercise, mental stimulation and companionship are essential. So as long as all of these things are taken care of, the apartment isn’t an issue.