My Husky Won’t Sleep Thru The Night

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KK416 asked 5 years ago


My husky Nikita will be 2 in August, every night she wakes up around 4:00a.m. not usually to go to the bathroom sometimes it is almost like she just wants to make sure we are still there with her. It has been months now and I’m trying to figure out if its something she will grow out of or if we need to do something different?

At night she sleeps in our living room on the couch or floor and we sleep downstairs. She can’t run free because she chases the cat or will shred things. About a month ago, I tried moving her to the bathroom next to the bed. Had the baby gate up so she could see us but she just howled, cried, and paced for almost an hour until I just took her back upstairs and she settled.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you!

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Paul answered 5 years ago

Huskies are pack animals and generally don’t like to be away from the pack. You are of course her pack. One quick fix would be to have her bed in your bedroom, would that be an issue with the cat?
It also appears that she’s gotten in to a bit of a routine. What does she do when she wakes up at 4am? 
Remember dogs behaviours will always have a purpose. If she’s crying and howling, she’s trying to get your attention. If you go upstairs to check on her, it worked. So now she knows to cry and howl to get your attention. 
The other option would be to completely ignore the behaviour. The first few nights will be rough, because she is likely to continue for several hours. But in the end, she will learn that crying doesn’t cause you to come up and check and will therefore hopefully sleep through the night.