How to introduce our Husky to playing?

QuestionsCategory: TrainingHow to introduce our Husky to playing?
Artemis55 asked 9 months ago

A couple of years ago we were adopted by a Siberian Husky whose previous family were relocating back to UK – we live in France – and they were unable to take him with them. He’s a gently, loving dog, nearly 11 years old, and is no trouble at all. We have tried throwing balls and sticks for him but he isn’t interested. Even throwing apples doesn’t tempt him. I think he’s getting bored and we don’t know the best way to get him to play. He’s not destructuve in any way. We have a small courtyard so take him out twice a day, often off-lead, but only in areas we know he won’t bolt. Any tips would be much appreciated. Many thanks.

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Paul answered 9 months ago

Hey, many huskies, even young pups don’t enjoy fetch. They generally prefer to run and games that occupy their mind.

Perhaps try filling a Kong with goodies, seal it with peanut butter and freeze it. This will likely keep him entertained.

If you have a friend or relative that has a dog, it might be good for him to have some playtime.

Artemis55 answered 9 months ago

Many thanks for your response Paul. We’ll try your suggestions and see how we get on. He seems very uninterested in other dogs when he meets them, and we find that a lot of people out here in France (of all nationalities) don’t like their dogs to meet and play with other dogs. It’s an odd situation, so we’ll have to keep him occupied!