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marilynngiam asked 4 years ago

I bring home an 8 months old male malamute. My normally gentle and sweet 2.5 years old male Husky and the female mixed breed cannot accept him. The Husky is aggressive  towards the malamute to the extend he is trying to bite him on the muzzle! The malamute does not show any response towards the husky. He just remain seated in the cage, very calm and observes what happened around him.  The Husky behave differently. He is no longer cheerful. Not staying close to me anymore. I gave him the same treatment, even better, giving him priorities on everything. He eat first, he has the privilege to enter my house, others not, he has his personal fan to keep him comfortable…etc..i dont dare to leave the malamute out from the cage while the other 2 dogs are free. I am sure they will fight. The Husky check on the malamute a lot (he is in the cage) but when the malamute see him face to face, the husky will bite.  I dont know how long will it takes to get them together. I worry that the husky and the malamute will not get along with each other and i will have to send the malamute away ( which i am not ready to do so ). The female dog, the mixed breed 5 years old, spayed…view the husky as alpha. She doesn’t accept the malamute as well. However, she is only aggressive when the malamute approach her. Other than that, she is ok. She doesn’t check on him a lot. Not like the Husky does. But, she is much more fierce than the Husky if she wants to. What should I do to keep all these dogs happy?

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Chantelle Goddard answered 4 years ago

Did you try an introduction with your dogs before bringing the malamute home? Intros should be on neutral ground and one dog at a time.
Basically you bought a rival dog home for your husky, into his space that he shares with his female……no wonder he’s ticked off!!
Malamutes do tend to have same sex aggression and may well be giving off a vibe that your husky can read!! If your husky is pacing and watching then he is very uncomfortable with the newcomer. 
Intros a much better done when walking. Movement helps diffuse the standing and staring. You could try walking them with a friend with a safe distance between them, but ultimately if you want to keep the mal, I would recommend paying for a behaviorist to help desensitise your husky to the new dog.
Just because we want them to be friends and live happily ever after doesn’t mean that they will!!