How to properly resocialize my husky?

QuestionsCategory: TrainingHow to properly resocialize my husky?
Demenica asked 8 months ago

In August of 2016, my husky was attacked by another dog. The attack required a lot of bandaging up. He’s completely healed now. However, he doesn’t trust any dog or person now. Before the incident, he was the friendliest dog ever. He’d cry and whine if he saw another dog because he wanted to play.

He was sweet and submissive to bigger and older pups. He would let anyone pet him, whether they approached him or he approached them. But now, he growls at the sight of any dog, even the ones he knows. Whenever he has play dates with dogs he’s known since he was a pup, he always growls and snarls at them when they greet each othen. Then after some time, he’s back to his old self and loving up on the dog. And when it comes to people, he growls at them if they approach him.

He’s never bit anyone and I believe he never will, but better safe than sorry. If he approaches someone, he’ll lick them and be nice. There have been few instances where people continue to pet him even after he growls my warnings, and like with the dogs, he eventually turns back to his old himself.

I’m not sure what to do. I try to rearrange play dates with him often to introduce/reintroduce him to dogs in hopes he realizes they’re friendly. I continue to take him to pet stores to interact with people and dogs there, and sometimes he goes with incidents and other times he’s mean and defensive. We used to go to the doggy beach, but I’m scared of bringing him back there and him attacking another dog. My husky is the gentlest boy when he’s calm and relaxed and I want him to go back to trusting people and dogs in public. He is almost 3.5 years old.

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Paul answered 8 months ago

Hello, I’m so sorry this happened to your husky. It was no doubt stressful for both you and your husky.

One of the difficulties you face at the moment is you will naturally be tense, wondering how he is going to react and he will no doubt pick up on that tension, which will impact his behaviour.

Because this is having a big impact, I would recommend finding a local dog behaviourist who’s got good reviews.

They will watch exactly what’s happening during the encounters and should be able to correct the behaviour.