How to stop my husky from being afraid of water?

QuestionsCategory: TrainingHow to stop my husky from being afraid of water?
NikolaCro asked 5 years ago

I have to huskies. One is 3 years old and he is afraid  to go in water or swim. My other one 8 month old husky loves to swim and to be in water. If he could he would be in there all day. With older one I tried to be patient and kind, and I use lots of techniques to get him in water be he just wont go there.

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Paul answered 5 years ago

It’s always a little more difficult with an older dog, but not impossible. Right now he probably has some negative associations with water OR he’s just perhaps uncertain of it.
What we did with our Husky is go in ourselves, lead by example kind of thing. Even if you can get him to come in a little and paddle. Maybe when you’re just a few inches in to the water, offer him his favourite treat to entice him in. Once he’s in and he’s taken the treat, give him lots of praise. Remember just baby steps, the last thing you want is for him to get scared. I’d probably end the first session there.
Then do the same next time, but perhaps a little deeper, use the same favorite treat. He will slowly begin to have a more positive association with the water. WATER = TREATS. 

Margit Maxwell answered 5 years ago

Also, if your husky isn’t staying out of the water because he is afraid of it, then it means that he just does not like water. He may not like the feel of being wet. Huskies naturally like snow because that is how they are designed. Being in water really is not all that natural for huskies. Not all huskies like the water and if that is the case there is not too much that you can do to make him like it. You can desensitize him and try counter conditioning him (using treats) but beyond that if the DISLIKE of water is greater than the LIKE of treats, then it won’t help. This is called the law of competing motivators. You may have to resign yourself to having a land-loving husky.