How to stop my husky howling

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joeseph61 asked 4 years ago

Hi I have a six month old male Siberian. He has recently developed the habit of sitting outside of my bedroom window whimpering and howling as he stares at the window. This is very annoying to everyone in the household and to my neighbors because he wakes everyone around 7 am. This is awful on the weekend especially. Please help.

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Chantelle Goddard answered 4 years ago

He wants attention maybe even the toilet if it’s in the morning and he’s waited all night.
7am is pretty good, my lot wake up in the summer when it’s lighter at 5.30am. Just get up and deal with him, he’s still young and with bundles of energy, why not enjoy that with him and start your day with a brisk walk with him…..perfect way to start the weekend!!
If this is too much for you, then you may have chosen the wrong sort of dog. Huskies need physical and mental stimulation, he’s awake and wants something to do and someone to do it with!
Huskies don’t fit into everyday life and that includes lie ins, we have to change our lives to to suit them…that’s the commitment we make when we take in this breed!!