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Paul asked 5 years ago

Hey guys,
What brushes do you use for your Snow Dog? We are currently using a Mikki rake and a general grooming brush, although Dakota sheds very little at the moment, thank heavens.
What brushes do you recommend? What are your thoughts on the furminator? 

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Margit Maxwell answered 5 years ago

Even though many people claim that Furminators cuts guard hairs, I find that it is operator that causes any problems that people may have. First, make sure that you are using the Furminator intended for long coated dogs. Furminator does make a short hair coat brush too. Then, make sure that you are not over working one particular area. I find that a good long fingered coat rake will loosen up and remove much of the loose undercoat and then I go in using the Furminator for only a few passes.