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The Snow Dog Appropriate Diet

Husky and Malamute Diet

The Good, The Bad, and the Truly Awful If ever there was a volatile subject in Snow Dog groups it is the topic of what...
Feeding Kibble

Feeding Kibble

Generally, the cheaper low quality foods are the foods that you can find at the grocery stores and department stores that have a pet...
Ingredients to avoid

Ingredients To Avoid

If you see any of the following items listed in the ingredients of the food that you are reviewing, then this a tell-tale sign...
Introduction to Raw Feeding

Introduction to raw feeding

Raw Feeding Guidelines Raw diets are complex, more so than feeding kibble, although if you get it right, it's well worth investing the time. This is...
Fussy Eater

The Fussy Eater or the Overeater

Same End Result, Different Causes. Some Snow Dogs are notorious for being finicky eaters. It is important to determine the cause of the lack of...