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With practically a new case of a missing pet every day on social media, the importance of microchipping and tags is on the rise. According to Vetstreet Survey, approximately 15% of dogs are reunited with their owners due to wearing an identification tag or microchip. This number will hopefully increase with the legalisation of microchips on the 6th of April 2016 (UK). Owners who fail to microchip their pets past this date can face fines of up to £500 and rightly so – not every missing dog case ends as happily as Finding Murphy’s from the UK.

SafePet Tags were designed by Krzysztof Nowakowski based on the idea of Pet Identity Cards. His cousin volunteers in a shelter and gets frustrated with the influx of dogs that came in without a microchip or ID Tag. Mr Nowakowski found regular pet tags boring and offer not nearly as much information as his tag design. After making the first prototypes for his and his cousins dogs, a lot of people were approaching and asking about the tags and Nowakowski found the perfect opportunity to turn the tags into a business that has certainly thrived. They are available in two different sizes: size small and size large. These tags are available to all species of pets, not just dogs! As of right now, SafePet Tags are available in the following countries: Canada, Germany, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Poland, The UK and The U.S.A. Safe Pet are also working on adding additional countries and accept payment for their products via Paypal or Visa/Mastercard bank cards.

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What makes them different from regular pet tags?
As well as the tags, buyers also get a free profile on SafePet international database which provides additional information of the pet and it’s owners. This database provides the ability to print lost pet posters in the event of a missing pet and the profile is available to update whenever you like in the inconvenience of a mobile number going out of date, for example. The database gives buyers freedom to advise founders of a missing pet key information such as pet allergies, medical treatment and health issues. To find out more about a missing pet with these tags, you simply insert their ID Card Number found on their tag into the database.

SafePet Tags have a unique design that offer much more information than regular tags. As well as the name of the pet and the owner’s mobile number, on the front of the tag they also provide the pet’s gender, D.O.B, the tags ID Card Number and an up to date picture of the pet that the buyer provides. These details are not compulsory to fill in on their website, only the photo. On the back of the tag there is a short but sweet paragraph explaining that the pet is lost and how to contact the owner. It also provides the pets breed and additional information such as a Vets contact number and a microchip number. These are not compulsory to fill in.

Tags Durability
These tags are made of durable hard plastic and a coat of laminate that further protects them from the day to day life of being an animal. Upon arrival of the tags I gave them a good bend and my Siberian Husky Anuko snatched them off of me. After I retrieved them from him, no teeth marks were on the tags and I was convinced that they will last a long while.

I can think of practically no cons apart from one very minor one. On the tag it carries the pets real name which is no issue to a lot of us owners, but some however prefer to put our own names on our pets tags. Under the unfortunate situation that a lost pet fell into the wrong hands, pet stealers gain pets trust by using their name. I think if SafePet provided an option to put “Pets Name” or “Owners Name”, this would solve potential buyers worries.
In the parcel that carries the tags, there are no leaflets of the company that sent the tags. Along with a leaflet to pass along to our friends, I think it would be a good idea to include a mini blown up photo of the pets tag or a sheet of the pets profile to keep in a safe place. If the pet goes missing, the owner could bring along that sheet of paper to further prove their ownership.

I am really happy with these tags and will not be purchasing any more mainstream tags that most pets have for the use they provide. I have the size small tag for Anukos collar, and the size large tag for Anukos walking harness. I will still continue to use my Game Of Thrones Stark House tag on top of my SafePet Tag for… No purpose! It’s a cool tag! But my GoT tag will carry no contact info as my SafePet Tag underneath provides never ending information in case Anuko ever takes himself for walkies.


Where can I buy?
You can buy these unique tags on the Safe Pet website here
You can support Safe Pet Tags on their Facebook page here

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These tags were sent to me to review. All opinions are honest and are my own.

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  1. Thank you Jasmine for the review and improvement suggestion! I’ve acted on it and now it’s possible for UK customers to choose whether their tag carries the pets or owners name :)

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